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Profile of Noto's Fish Sauce (Ishiri)
Ishiri and the Harbor
Origin of the word Ishiri
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Ishiri's international family: Fish Sauce from around the world.
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Ishiri Japanese Fish Sauce from the heart of the Noto Penninsula in Ishikawa has been traditionally crafted since olden times.

Profile of Noto's Fish Sauce (Ishiri)
Japanese Fish Sauce, or Ishiri, from the heart of the Noto Penninsula in Ishikawa has been traditionally crafted since olden times. Ishiri has been used for generations in the traditional cooking of the Noto area.
There are two general types of Ishiri, divided by the ingredients used. In the area of the peninsula that faces Toyama, the liver of the Japanese squid (surumeika) is used. On the Sea of Japan side, the principal ingredient is the Japanese sardine (iwashi). Ishiri goes by many names: Ishiru, Yoshiri, Yoshiru, Shioshiri, Shioshiru.

Ishiri and the Harbor
Sticking out into the Sea of Japan, Noto has an offshore that is influenced by the intersection of the northern running "Tsushima" ocean current and the Southern running "Reman" current. Because of this, Noto is blessed with an abundance of fish and sea life. The small harbors of the inner coast provide the squid; places like Noto-cho-town's Ogi Harbor and Ushitsu Harbor. Sardines and Mackerel are in abundance on the Sea of Japan side in the harbors of Wajima, Suzu's Takojima, Wajima's Kuroshima. For each harbor the catch is different, so the ingredients vary as well for each location.

Origin of the word Ishiri
There are many theories that the ancient root of the word for fish in Japanese, "io" added with the word "shiru" meaning soup or juice is how the word "Ishiri" came about. "Yo" is also used for fish", for example the fish name "Itoyo". A simple "i" is also used to mean fish, as in the Niigatta town of "Itoigawa". The local dialogue of the Noto area has the words "nagiri" and "dangojiri" meaning a kind of soup. Combining the "io" to "shiru" these words were formed: Ishiru , Ishiri, Yoshiri, Yoshiru.
There are a few other theories that "ika-shiru" or squid juice eventually became "ishiru" which became "ishiri". An other is "gyoshiru" or fish juice became "yoshiru" and then "yoshiri". Another theory is based on the juice that resulted from pickled fish "yoshiru". Or even the word for salted fish "shiozukeshiru" was the base for "shioshiru" and the "shioshiri".
[origin of the word]
(the juice that resulted from pickled fish)「yoshiru」

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